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About Us



We endeavor to bring life back into the workplace, strengthen and empower the workforce, build effective leaders, and increase productivity through quality training and coaching; workshops, seminars, lunch and learn presentations, keynote speaking and motivational talks. 




The Leadership Advancement Network (LAN) is a professional coaching and training organization specializing in personal and professional development with an emphasis on leadership. LAN is headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI.



Leadership Development and Training: 


LAN provides personal and professional development coaching, business and leadership development training, team-building and coaching for small businesses, non-profit organization, ministries, corporations; employers and employees. On-site classes will be listed on our social media sites for RSVP. We host lunch & Learn presentations, seminars and workshops; providing our participants with the latest leading edge training on successful business models, skills, tools, and resources. We have retained services for those looking to build a strong team and/or workforce. Click Here. LAN also provides keynote speakers for all your corporate events.

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