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Retained Services:

Business/Team Member Coaching & Business Consulting

For Small Business and Corporations

What We Do For You:


  • Work frequently and closely with Upper Management/Administration to develop and execute an effective customized plan for the company’s team members, that will fit within the overall scope of the organization’s mission and purpose. This will also include the leadership staff.

  • Provide direct support to the team members of the organization through coaching and consulting. The goal here is to help maximize each participants potential for their given jobs/assigned tasks.

  • For salaried and hourly staff, we endeavor to have each team member take pride and ownership in their work; thereby increasing their capacity to produce the best results to impact the bottom line of the organization.

  • Work with management to develop and maximize employee/management relationships that will create an atmosphere of trust, honesty, respect and increased productivity in the workplace and beyond.

  • For Sales Staff and commissioned employees/workers, our goals is to educate each team member to think like entrepreneurs; like successful business owners. To maximize earning potential.

  • Provide periodic workshops, seminars and process mapping sessions for the team members.

  • Organize and lead training and coaching sessions on process improvement thinking, principles, and applications throughout all areas of the company in order to sustain improvement initiatives company-wide.

  • Monitors targeted improvement metrics and reports on those metrics to management.

  • Work with company on customer service issues to get an understanding of the root cause and determine strategic solutions.

  • Help create a culture of Personal and Professional Development.


What You Get From The LAN Team:


  • The power of a team approach to handle individual, business, and corporate needs

  • Exceptional planning and organizational skills

  • Dependability, integrity, trust and contractual confidentiality

  • Excellent time-management skills

  • Knowledge of small business strategy and operations

  • Knowledge of Corporate America business industry practices

  • Skilled in analyzing information to derive meaning for the development of strategy and operational tactics

  • Enthusiasm for building relationships and connecting with people

  • Excellent networking opportunities

  • Ability to coach people to their full potential 

  • Excellent written, verbal and presentation skills

  • Excellent in facilitating meetings

  • Ability to lead and navigate through ambiguity

  • Provide and fosters a helpful and positive culture among team members

  • Understanding of Lean Principles when dealing with project management

  • Skilled using technology for the purpose of effective communication and presentations (Microsoft Office - Access, Excel, Word, Powerpoint) (Apple - Pages, Numbers and Keynote)


It's simple. To connect with us click here, tell us what you need, and we'll come to you.

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