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The Leadership Advancement Network, LLC Internship Program Requirements:

  • -  Must be enrolled in school (college/university/trade)

  • -  Must submit a resume

  • -  Must be willing to meet face-to-face for initial meeting

  • -  Must be willing to attend Intern Orientation

  • -  Must have active cell phone and willing to use it for business purposes

  • -  Must have access to reliable transportation (Consider Uber or Lyft Ride Share Services) 

Duties and Responsibilities: ​​

  • -  Each Intern will have the title Project Manager.

  • -  Although most internships are not paid, this is a pay for performance internship.

  • -  Each Intern must have working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Power Point, or MacBook Pages and Keynote.

  • -  Must be willing to communicate via video conference.

  • -  Must be willing to meet with key business leaders, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and civic leaders.

  • -  Each Intern must communicate effectively with management.

  • -  Each Intern must show respect for others and the work environment.

  • -  Each Intern must respect diversity and show a non-judgmental attitude.

  • -  Each Intern must show highest level of professionalism.


Should you have any questions, please email


Thank You 


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