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Customer Service Workshop

Whether or not you are a single member business owner, or have employees, everyone should understand that customer service is the life-line of your operation. In business, there’s more competition now than ever before. What can set you apart from a competitor offering similar products or services, at competitive prices, is not good customer service, but great customer service.

This Customer Service workshop will take a look at how you can better serve the many different customer types, and how you can improve in the process. The participants in this workshop will learn the skill-sets necessary, including in-person and over-the-phone techniques on how to deal with difficult customers, and generate reoccurring business. You will also learn some very simple, practical, yet powerful techniques, to brand yourself and your business to “stand-out” in your niche or industry.

This Workshop Will Cover:

-       The Meaning of Customer Service

-       Internal and External Customers

-       How Attitude Affects Customer Service

-       Identifying The Needs of Your Customers

-       How Outstanding Customer Service Generates Returning Business

-       How To Build Good-Will Through In-Person Customer Service

-       Good Over-The-Phone Customer Service

-       Using On-Line Tools To Connect With Customers

-       Dealing With Difficult Customers


·      Get Your Certificate of Completion After You Complete The Course

Time:           8:00am - 12:00pm

Date:           Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

Location:    3311 Division Ave South - Wyoming, MI 49548

Cost:         FREE

(You will find us off Division and 33rd - Behind the Speedway and the Dollar General. The building will have a sign/banner that says Hope Restored Empowerment Center. Enter through the center door).

Should you have any questions, please call 888-902-3625 or email us at For more information on Leadership Advancement Network, LLC, please visit


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